Saving & Investment Insurance

Whether your goal is to save regularly, build up a cash lump sum to invest, or both, it's important that you get a good return on your money. Bank and building society accounts offer security and accessibility for meeting your day-to-day financial needs and enable you to maintain a short-term emergency fund. But when it comes to the longer-term there are more suitable places to invest, especially when you consider how inflation can erode the spending power of your money. International Broker Services gives you choices for creating an approach that's right for you. We offer a range of straightforward saving and investing options to help you grow your money. Our products meet stakeholder standards for low charges and risk-controlled investment. Our savings and investment plans offer you various avenues to save and earn. These plans will help you invest systematically and in a disciplined manner, ensuring that you and your family achieve your financial goals.



Retirement and Personal Plan

As a young person one of the last things on your mind is planning for the future or your retirement. Protect your most valuable asset your ability to earn income. When you are young your main financial asset is the ability to earn income. Have you thought how you would cope if you were unable to work because of sickness or accident? If you have a mortgage or pay rent would you survive if your income suddenly ceased? It is hard to imagine, but accidents happen and young people do get sick.




Strategic Withdrawal

Do you need the money to cover living expenses?

Do you plan to reinvest the money?

Do you plan to pass assets on to your heirs?

Do you want to make charitable donations now?

With IBS we can do it all!




Children Education Plan

The cost of higher education is increasing. The need for access to higher education and the cost will put a financial strain on you and your family. That is why it is important to start planning for your child's education as soon as possible, because the earlier you begin, the more time you allow your money to grow. The child education policy will provide the funds needed by your child to pursue further education and assures that whatever happens in the future, your child will still have the means to pursue some of his/her goals in life.